Dating coaches are bullshit

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It can either fall into too camps of people The first camp generally is a lot of the reason why the 2nd guys have this unrealistic expectation of what he needs to be doing and puts himself under immense pressure to be the perfectionist and be accepted as one of them. possibly to make a few quid or for their grandiose narcissistic personality.

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Either way it gets extremely excessive Let’s take one guy.

Note to clueless misogynistic <strong>dating</strong> <strong>coaches</strong> Vogue magazine.

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In the London community, he’s a promoter and very well known bullshitter (Let’s him Donny) I will be with a mate around Leicester Square and they will see him and because they are kinda friends with him. Donny has recently knocked off The problem is…I’ve never seen these girls, or seen him near girls.The bullshitters and the (Often Fake) same day lay youtube videos***Generally add to the illusion that this shit is easy It’s tough, it takes time, it takes moments when you’re shit, moments when you want to give up, cry even, a moment when you say you dont actually need girls (Until you realise that’s utter lies)For daygame it requires, being cold, turning over stones a lot, getting blowout after blowout, having numbers flake, having that girl you was walking after — go into a shop (Shock horror!

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In fact when I first met him I went out with him and he was really super fucking nervous to approach a rather large girl.

Dating coaches are bullshit:

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