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How often will I be allowed to leave Dubai and visit my country to be with my boyfriend? I'll thank if someone from EK or EK ex cabin crew could answer this question. When you are on layover you can have guests in your hotel room. In Dubai you need a male friend that sn for him so y he stays at your friend's but then he can sleep with you.

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You can do whatever you want during your days off but be sure that you will be back to Duabi for your next duty.

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You will be travelling with staff travel tickets so it means that if there are any seats available you will flht but if there are not you won't.So the chances are that you work hard and while you may or may not want to play hard too, you will probably look for a fair amount of understanding within your partner, particularly if he or she doesn't also work airside and isn't therefore familiar with your job's demands on your time and energy.

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If you work as a member of the Cabin Crew for an airline you won't need to be reminded that you need to be an outgoing person who can work under pressure and put up with anti social shifts.

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