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Convicted serial er won on 'Dating Game' -

But thinking back on that, I probably did." Alcala was able to charm Cheryl Bradshaw from the other side of the "Dating Game" wall. "He watched the game and he gave those answers and he won, so he learned some tricks.

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But a psychopath's true nature comes seeping through.

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Love The five stages of a relationship from first date butterflies to.

"When you go back and look, what's most fascinating is that he had already committed a crime," Brown said, "Raped a little girl.That includes Mills, a veteran television and film actor, whose only encounter with Alcala was when both of them appeared on "The Dating Game." "That's when I became part of a nhtmare, and I didn't realize it was a nhtmare until 32 years later," Mills said.

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Here is a man portraying himself as a desirable young man when he is a violent sexual predator of children." Alcala's real identity revealed itself off the stage when he was with the other bachelors, Brown believes.

Browns dating phases:

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