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Understanding the Problem Protecting Against Transmission Community Q&A Herpes is an infection caused by two virus types, and it appears in two forms, as either oral or genital herpes.

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Many prevention tips are valuable for both oral and genital herpes, but the latter will be the primary focus of this article.

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By recognizing and treating symptoms, protecting yourself properly during sexual activity, and being honest and open with your partner(s), you can do a great deal towards preventing the spread of herpes either to or from yourself. Our director gives her personal account of having herpes – click on image: Subscribe to the HVA to get lots of information – leaflets on ‘Talking to a new partner’ and ‘How to protect my partner’, etc. Professor George Kinghorn, a sexual health consultant in Sheffield, says: “…

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Other web sites exaggerate the worst cases and tell you genital herpes is serious. to be infected with a herpes simplex virus is a state of normality.

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