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A common feeling among adults on the autism spectrum is they feel as if they are living on a foren planet where they are unsure of the 'rules' for social interaction, behavior and communication.

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The fact sheets below provide information and practical tips on dealing with the many issues that arise as an adult on the autism spectrum: Adults thinking of getting a diagnosis Adults with autism Adults with Asperger's syndrome Are autism & Aspergers disabilities or not?

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Partners of people on the autism spectrum When relationships are about to end Coping with stress on the autism spectrum Deep breathing as a relaxation que Strategies for social interaction Guide to body language in a non-autistic world Coping with panic attacks Strategies for handling depression Coping with anger on the autism spectrum Getting your life organized Self-confidence & the social game The transition from school to college Choosing the rht job Holding down a job Bullying in the workplace Flirting, dating, sexual relationships Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Autistic culture Neurodiversity & the autism spectrum Human rhts & autism The Autism Rhts Movement This comprehensive guide to living with Asperger's syndrome was written by Mark Segar.Don't mourn for us Life as a woman on the autism spectrum An adult aspie answers questions from parents If I knew then what I know now Fhting resentment against a non-autistic world Hope and positive thinking What does being different mean?

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It covers diverse issues such as stress, body language, eye contact, conversation ss, making friends, dating and employment. Inside view of autism by Temple Grandin Beware the alien - life on another planet What makes Sybelle an aspie?

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