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I wasn’t taking the initiative in certain parts of the Relationship that she expected.

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For example, I would ask her if she wanted to have sex instead of saducing her.

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In other words I never “showed” her that I really wanted her I was just seeing if it was okay to have her.When she expressed this to me I was disgusted(disgusted being the only word I know to use but I don’t really know how I feel about this issue) and feeling like she wanted me to controll her which is something I feel is wrong for two reasons 1-it shows that a women is insecure and instead of learning or dealing with things she is trying to pass the “buck” to the man and 2-a man who tries to controll things in such a way is insecure in himself or is simply careless of how he treats others.

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However, I thought I was being nice to her (for the first time a guy that didn’t controll her or try to just have his way with her).

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