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One of the best strategies you can take in preparing for the AP Argument essay is to be prepared to think on your feet.

Speed-dating" for AP Language Synthesis Essays English.

Supporting your argument with concrete examples and solid reasons is essential.

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AP Language Speed Dating/Rhetorical Strategies

For every argument response, clearly state a position based on what the prompt is asking you to do (consider both sides if it asks you to, state which side is the most persuasive if that's what it asks, take a side if it asks you to).Consider the works we studied this year and how those may be used in support of a position on an issue.

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Provide at least 2 reasons to support your position (3 would be better, consider each a body paragraph in your essay) and use at least one concrete example to support each reason. As AP students, you should try to use examples that come from your academic studies (history, science, sociology or psychology, literature).

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