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Minors do still have some legal rhts and responsibilities, like the ability to enter into some contracts and make medical care decisions.

WV Code §61-8B - West Virginia Code

West Virginia Age Statutes The details of West Virginia’s legal age laws are listed below.

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Emancipation and the Legal Responsibilities of Minors There is a legal process by which a person under the age of 18 in West Virginia can apply to become an adult in the eyes of the law.A child must be 16 or married to apply for emancipation, and courts generally decide emancipation cases with the minor’s best interests in mind.

Teen rhts to sex ed, birth control and more in West Virginia - Sex, Etc.

This process is known as the “emancipation of a minor” and can allow a minor to become responsible for his or her own welfare and make decisions regarding education, health care, and residence, among other things.

Wv age dating laws:

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