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The English have spent centuries imposing their will on the Welsh both by the sword and from Westminster.

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That is, when they are not making those endless jokes about male‑voice choirs, daffodils and sheep at Wales’s expense.

<em>Sheep</em> rustling Police are studying ancient

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The only revenge the Welsh can take is via the language – but what a powerful tool it can be.And only then, of course, do you point out that the name was actually constructed as a publicity stunt back in Victorian times – and you can just say Llanfair PG instead.

Sheep rustling Police are studying ancient

It may not compensate for all the pain of the past, but in truth what can be better than watching someone from England stuttering their way into the land of my fathers, painfully mangling the dd or ll consonants and stumbling over the mutations.

Welsh speed dating sheep:

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