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Just took some now as I just bleed loads after a number 2 and now my back passage is very sore. You do need to drink loads and loads of water as it works by drawing water into the bowel from the rest of the body.

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I know I should of taken it 2 times daily but I just keep forgetting to and have only took it when remembered ( 2 spoons every other day ) Lactulose wont make you go, it just softens whats there. I think that I read somewhere that you'd hoped for a girl, but boys are great!

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Have you tried prunes, orange/prune juice, dried apricots etc, they are all very good at helping you go if you are bleeding you may have piles if your sore you should try germoloids, its a cream that helps pass the stools and reduces straining lactoluse softens the stool and makes it easier to pass but can take up to 48 hours to work. Since 1999 we've helped thousands of people every day in their search for the perfect training course for them.

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I was extremely constipated the other day and bum was very sore used germoloids and it was a relief and wasnt so sore. I went to chemist and asked for something for piles in pregnancy and they gave it to me, hope your feeling better soon I have been back to Drs again and have been given anusol again and more lactulose. You have to take it as said (more than once a day) and until it works. Also, lactulose can sometimes give tummy cramps, so make sure you're drinking.

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