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Dreamgirls, “One Nht Only” (1981/2006)There’s a good deal of drama in the musical/movie Dreamgirls about the song “One Nht Only,” which is written and recorded as the intended comeback for a chastened diva (Jennifer Hudson in the film version) but co-opted by her former manager and lover (Jamie Foxx), who re-records it with her former , as a disco track.

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As Foxx and the songwriter (Keith Robinson) tussle over rhts, control, authorial intent, respect, and the fact that disco sucks, none of that touches on the fact that both Hudson’s smoky torch version of the song and the disco redo are startlingly blunt about the fact that the singer is demanding a no-strings-attached roll in the hay.After picking up her conquest with a cheesy pickup line (“Baby did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

Song Min Ho speaks up about dating rumors involving Heo Chan Mi.

There’s a minor, notable difference to the lyrics: In Hudson’s emotionally committed performance, her lover is the one who doesn’t have time to continue the relationship past dawn, whereas in the disco cut, the singers are the ones delivering marching orders to their men and setting a deadline.

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