Songs about dating the wrong person

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“Some people it a one-nht stand / But we can it paradise.” Not that the song’s pensive video full of dancing Sri Lankan children has anything to do with any of that. Garfunkel And Oates, “One Nht Stand” (2011)To hump or not to hump?

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For the comedy-music duo Garfunkel And Oates, the answer to that question is easy: “This mht be strange to tell you / And I swear I’m not a whore / But there are 206 bones in my body / And I’d really like one more,” they sing in “One Nht Stand,” a pointed look at the ins and outs of 21st-century sex.

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Naturally, a nht of lascivious abandon devolves into a minefield of excuses, evasions, and regrets.But in either case, the relationship is somehow “so rht” that it “has no chance to live,” and both versions reach the same conclusion about the future of the relationship past daybreak: “Let’s not pretend to care.” 10.

The 115 Best Songs Of 2016 The FADER

Switching back and forth between a mock-tender acoustic tune and a hyper, increasingly frantic electro jam, the song hilariously yet truthfully captures the miscommunication and genital-mashing anxiety of young, indiscriminate lust. The Pipettes, “One Nht Stand” (2006)Don’t be fooled by the sugary feminine voices and “sha-la-la-las”: The narrator of The Pipettes’ “One Nht Stand” is most definitely the predator in this fleeting hook-up scenario.

Songs about dating the wrong person:

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