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They are in a careful stage where they are seeing each other with positive feelings."Bae's agency JYP Entertainment also said: "Suzy and Lee Minho have been seeing each other with good feelings since a month ago.

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Suzy and Lee Minho headed to London and Paris respectively for a schedule and after traveled London together and had a very memorable time.

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Please look on them with fondness."Min Ho and Bae's fans took to Twitter to share their reactions over the news.As a young child, Lee Min-Ho hoped to become a football (soccer) player, but an injury in the 5th grade of elementary school ended those dreams. I started watching Kdrama since last Fenruary and have not stop since and because of my curiosity about the real Korea I am here today. Anyway, as he matures, he will learn to choose his roles ( if by then producers allow him,) Good luck to your career. I challenge no one best in the world comparing with you. For the fans that are complaining about his movie and saying they disappointed, like WTH u guys should grow up its not like its what he really does in reality its just a movie (acting) and also u mentioning him doing it just for money! Yes, I know Suzy was very pretty and talented.sings and act very well.. I hope i can see one day in person Lee Min Ho im from Trinidad and Tobago and I absolutely love you oppa. You should consider enlarging your world tours as you have many fans from all over the world! I hope one day I can see u in real one day :) hey wasup! Your acting style is different and your facial expressions are great. i love your whole nature nd i guess you are perfect... And try other roles as well being always rich and snob it's a bit tiring.

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Last year, during an interview with Chinese Cosmopolitan magazine, Min Ho described his ideal woman."I think I will first see if that person is compatible with me.

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