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Here's the the thing though I had sex with him on the second date and the next day he ask me out again if i wanted to see a movie. To me this is obviously seems a booty and I am starting to think this guy is nothing but a douche. Just wait until he s you up, if it's for a booty then you have 2 choices, 1 - go and have sex if you really want it 2 - say 'no thanks I was looking for something more' and end things with him there before more complications arise how is it a mistake?

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So i went out with him again two day after we had sex. He said his going to some business trip and he will be gone for 4 days. This is a line I always use but I do believe that "good relationships always start with strong passion and chemistry". If anything its your job to keep the attraction outside of sex strong enough, if you think this thing would have lasted had you waited out then youre just another tease.

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So I haven't seen him for 4 days and he hasn't initiate a contact with me at all. Makes me think that you dont have much going on for you personality wise if the only way to keep a guy around is by making him wait like some lap dog for a bone.If you're worried about the perception of you potentially being labeled a whore...

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Depends on the dude, where he is at in life and how well you two seem to get along.

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