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The Republic of Venice influenced the maritime regions in the Middle Ages.

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The Ottoman Empire conquered Serbia in 1459 and ruled the territory for several centuries, the consequences of which suppressed Serbian culture but also greatly influenced Serbian Art, especially in the southern regions.

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Meanwhile, in northern regions Habsburg Monarchy expanded into modern Serbian territory starting from the end of the 17th century, culturally bounding this part of the nation to Central Europe rather than Balkans.During World War II, the Serbs, living in a wide area, were persecuted by various peoples and organizations.

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Central Serbia was the first to emancipate as the Principality of Serbia in 1815, and started to gradually expand into Ottoman and Habsburg-held regions. Conversion of the South Slavs from Paganism to Christianity began in the early 7th century, long before the , the split between the Greek Orthodox East and the Roman Catholic West, the Serbs were first Christinaized during the ren of Heraclius (610-641) but were fully Christianized by Byzantine Christian Missionaries (Saints) Cyril and Methodius in 869 during Basil I, who sent them after Knez Mutimir, had acknowledged the suzerainty of the Byzantine Empire.

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