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Aside from my own theorizing, the truth remains that the way we experience life differs greatly between individuals.

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One sees as beautiful and bountiful, the other will see as dark and cutthroat — the same exact world.

Is Meeting People In <i>Real</i> <i>Life</i> Over? - IRL

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The way we perceive the world determines the way we live our lives.We plan and carry out our lives by the rules we ourselves created. I do my best to keep a balance between reality and virtual reality, but I know I'm not the only one living life in a similar fashion. We know we can basiy get anything we want, when we want it. To put forth all the positive energy you can muster and create something worth creating. And it continues to get easier and easier with each passing year. Too easy to overlook the wonderful person rht in front of you, because you're too busy looking at your next door nehbor's yard.

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We come to understand the world as being a certain way and we respond to what we believe is reality. I most definitely spend more time these days staring at a screen than I do anything else. The problem is that too many of us get used to the instant gratification that our hh-speed world allows for. The point isn't to not want at all; the point is to want, to acquire and then to want some more. That's the only way our animalistic nature can remain in synch with our hher consciousness. And not the shallow sort of wanting, but the kind that really motivates you to do great things, to be a great person. Dating for our generation has always been easier because connecting to new people has been easier for us than it has been for any generation, ever.

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