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Some engage in it as a profession and charge a fee for their services.

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Usually a professional matchmaker is ed a shadchan, but anyone who makes a shidduch is considered the shadchan for it.

Modern <em>Orthodox</em> <em>dating</em> gets a close-up in new web series <em>Jewish</em>.

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After the match has been proposed, the prospective partners meet a number of times to gain a sense of whether they are rht for one another.Also, the decision as to whether or not the mate is good can be made with the emotional boundary of the shadchan who, if so desired by the couple, can and talk to either side in the beginning stages of the dating to iron out issues that can crop up during the dating process.

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The number of dates prior to announcing an engagement may vary by community. In stricter communities, the couple may decide a few days after orinally meeting with each other.

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