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A Los Angeles woman has created an Instagram account which allows women to share all of the weird, wacky - and sometimes downrht horrifying - messages that they receive from men via dating websites and apps like Tinder.

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Alexandra Tweten created the Bye Felipe account as a means of allowing women to air some of their more outrageous online dating interactions, after realizing how many obscene and offensive messages she and her friends were receiving on a daily basis.

Bye Filipe Instagram account reveals women's <b>online</b> <b>dating</b>.

Bye Filipe Instagram account reveals women's online dating.

'That started a conversation about creating an Instagram to keep all of these insane messages so we could discuss them.Katherine: When his violence became much worse and was being directed at the children, I changed.

Online Dating Horror Stories That'll Make You Want To Be Single.

Jane: My journey to hell and back began twelve years ago.

Online dating horror stories australia:

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