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Each alphabet has a number allotted to it – Let’s take an example to understand this easy method.

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We take a common Indian name like RAJ MALHOTRA and analyse using this method – Now, basis the numbers allotted to the alphabets, we will place 9 in this table for the alphabet R, 1 for the alphabet A and so on – Once this is done, the quantity of each number in the complete name is determined.

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So, let’s now see what all numbers RAJ MALHOTRA has in his name – Number of 1s – 4 Number of 2s – 1 Number of 3s – 1 Number of 4s – 1 Number of 5s – 0 Number of 6s – 1 Number of 7s – 0 Number of 8s – 1 Number of 9s – 2 Now, let’s make a Numerology Chart for him – The numbers we allotted to the alphabets can be placed in a chart or Grid (Lo Shou Grid).The Maths and Science of Numerology can very well be deployed to take a peek inside a person’s personality.

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Since we have four 1s in ‘Raj Malhotra’, we place four 1s in box 1.

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