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Only sensible people are invited to apply in the most sensible fashion.

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They must promise upon sensible bended knee not to rise to the bait and at all times act and respond in a humourless, uninspired fashion.

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Laughter, even the merest snger, will not be permitted at meetings with perpetrators sent immediately into purgatory. He was in the Department (Golland, Lafferty, Bilson) that proved more than adequate, indeed, inspirational, to the best Arts Sixth Form (Perkins, Anderson, Portillo etc) in the entire school history.

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Name: Laurence Lando Email: square Years_at_school: 1957 -Date: Time: It is with much regret that I have learnt of the passing of Mr David Baker. Whilst at school, David was a good friend to me, when I needed the presence of a 'father fure'. Name: Michael Schwartz Email: Years_at_school: 1965- 1972Date: Time: Pete - I note your comment that an obituary for Fred Bilson appeared in The Guardian. Name: Peter Ward Email: peter.Years_at_school: 1958 - 1963Date: Time: Interested in Ted Troll's comments.

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