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When Rosanna Dickinson of Hh50 goes on three online dates, she finds the men don't match their photos, they lie about their age, and spend more time worrying about property prices than their own personal hygiene At the age of 50, after two years of being single, I decided it was time to overcome my trepidation about putting myself so "out there" and try online dating.

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After a few days working out which sites are best for our age , I was soon 'winking' at and connecting with (and dismissing) so many men, I could barely keep track of what I'd told to whom.

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Internet dating why is it so hard to find a normal, single.

Finally I narrowed my choices down to three men I wanted to meet IRL ('In Real Life' -- oh yes, I know all the lingo now).) and the monologue, as it turned out to be, begins.

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Here's what happened, plus the 10 things I learnt about online dating over 50.

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