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I am currently in the process of helping a nehbor couple conceive.

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I've known them for 6 years and have watched them go through the ups and down of the emotional roller-coaster ed artificial insemination.

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They had spent over $14,000 on treatments, and AI procedures. who can engage in natural insemination to help us get pregnant. As someone who has been through the NI process, I thought I would offer my two cents worth.Remember when a woman or infertile couple who wanted a baby had to pay thousands of dollars to doctors and sperm banks to get pregnant?

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We live in NJ and would want someone who is open to NI and no contact after conception. After a lot of medical research and advice, we agreed mutually to go in for natural insemination. The first thing I would say to anyone considering this is that you really should exhaust all your other options first and use NI as a last resort. for both hetero couples with male infertility, and lesbian couples.

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