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Stopped releasing the show due to poor sales A-Team Firing: Parodied in a skit in which a veteran cop gets a new partner who's a rookie.

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The veteran cop is captured by a thug wielding a blade and the rookie tries to shoot the thug, only to hit his partner... The veteran suggests aiming for him instead of the thug and just ends up getting shot in the nut-sack.

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He declares that he'd rather take his chances with the blade, which is kind of dull, but the rookie cop insists he's not letting the thug get away.What makes all this even worse, though, is that Nasubi didn't even realise he'd been on TV as he thought the whole thing was a pre-record.

The 7 cruellest, meanest reality TV shows you won't

When he finally win, the producers took him to a third room - and he shed and took his clothes off, not realising that his weird journey was finally at an end and that he would be revealed to a live audience.

Ms swan dating show:

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