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They think it promotes pride, greed, immorality and materialism.

Manifesto of the Marginal Mennonite Society – Young

Amish beliefs include the concept that God will judge them on how well they obeyed the church rules during their lifetime, and contact with the outside world makes it harder to obey their rules.

Eyeing the pastorate, gay student leaving Tabor

Eyeing the pastorate, gay student leaving Tabor

The Amish point to this Bible verse as a reason for their isolation: (2 Corinthians , KJV)Again, humility is the reason behind this. They believe brht colors or patterns attract attention to a person.The Ordnung is a set of oral rules for everyday living.

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Some of their clothes are fastened with straht pins or hooks, to avoid buttons, which mht be a source of pride.

Mennonite dating beliefs:

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