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Relationship tests Guidelines from the love lab - San Francisco.

Ward understands that people just want to date and meet the person on the other end and, as such, has created this app to be an environment of trust where chemistry is more likely to occur.

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Love Lab wants to help usher you from stranger-on-screen to an in-person date.

<em>Love</em> <em>Lab</em>@ Pitch Deck - SlideShare

Love Lab@ Pitch Deck - SlideShare

Think of it like a portable lie detector for your love life.Of the fibs most often told, age, heht/weht and job income are the most prevalent with more than 40 percent of men exaggerating their job in order to sound more professional, whereas 20 percent of women acknowledge using an older photo of themselves so that they appear younger and thinner.

This Website Let's You Get A Background Check On Your Tinder.

And the persona that daters show on the screen is not 100 percent truthful: e-Harmony reports that 53 percent of people admit to lying on their dating profile.

Love lab dating app:

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