Is it ok to start dating in college

Four reasons to save dating until after hh school Teen.

Even though the lecture is huge, I don't doubt that if things went to the shit that it'd still be uncomfortable.

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Well I'm only talking about my experiences, which relate to hh school. The whole......magical, thing about dating is that the two of you are spending time together because you choose too and are making time for one another aside from the daily routine of life.

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I promise to revive this thread and share my new found knowledge :-p Ps: When did you change your Avatar? This is the same reason you shouldn't date co-workers, roomates, or nehbors... But something like this is a hard thing to resist though, convenience is one of the most effective banes of reasoning.Once they get that money that money gets into their hands they see you as a source of income and you won't ever be seen as anything else besides that.

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Now if you just slept with her, well that's a diffrent story. just like men who try to date strippers, don't ever give them money.

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