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They are my second hhest ranking couple after my character.

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Although they are probably my secret favorite couple in the whole game. When I made Mia date someone I made it the homecoming king as I fured she was more Into her reputation then actually liking someone but thanks to this jogging my memory I can now make her date who she truly wants, I feel bad I made her date someone that she would never have been into. I'm proud the game lets you date who ever you like.

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And now thanks to you guys jogging my memory I can now make Mia date who ever she likes; and it would be awesome if the girl she liked got to in roll in are school that would be so cool.~Joan~Just to agree with the orinal post that I think it's awesome.I mean, I know it doesn't seem like a very b gesture but it's little triumphs like this that make me hopeful that one day we will achieve equality for all.

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I just wanted to say that I was really happy to find that the game allowed same-sex couples.

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