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As an all-tube (pre-amp and power sections) combo guitar amplifier, the Hot Rod Deluxe features a pair of 6L6GC beam tetrodes for the power section and two 12AX7 dual triodes for the preamp section.

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One additional 12AX7 tube is utilized for the phase inverter of the power section.

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However, the rectifier, reverb driver and recovery, and effects loop circuits are solid state.The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is a guitar amplifier manufactured and sold by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

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The power section uses a "fixed bias" biasing scheme with an adjustable bias potentiometer installed from the factory. The physical appearance of the Hot Rod series is based on the mid-to-late '50's "narrow panel" tweed amplifiers with accouterments such as a top mounted, chrome plated chassis and black "chicken head" pointer knobs, but with textured black tolex found on Fender amps from the 1960s onward rather than the tweed covering.

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