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Survey Finds People Are Hooking Up at Work

It just seems like common sense that the workplace is take this kind of advice?

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Simply put, the problem is that no matter how formal and corporate the setting, workers are still human beings.

The Office <i>Hook</i> Up Secrets Are No FunUnless You're Part of One.

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Spend all day, every day with the same of people, confined in the same office, and it's hard not to notice when one of your co-workers is a babe.Romance in the Workplace Over the summer I met up with one of my fellow students for what I thought would be a normal catch-up lunch – complaining about customers, groaning about our respective bosses, and griping about how we hated being broke as a result of our unpaid internships. Her dress was wrinkled, her hair was slhtly mussed, and her b blue eyes were twinkling. " Linda (not her real name), who had been spending the summer interning at a prominent local record label, leaned across the table, beckoning me closer. Spotting used-to-be workplace couples is easy, too, as they're typiy the ones glaring at each other across a boardroom, or avoiding each other in the kitchen.

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And although you may walk past this office hottie's desk each morning with nothing more than a normative "Hello," or even stop to engage in a little innocuous small talk, there's still that temptation lurking underneath to ask them to meet you in the supply closet in five minutes.

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