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Then, before you know it, you're both heading off to some dark corner, apartment, or back up to your hotel room – and not to practice that sales pitch you've been working on.


Jump to the next morning, and suddenly you've got yourself a brand new secret.

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There are many ways you can handle things with a colleague after a workplace hook-up, but three are especially common: You can pretend the whole thing never happened, leaving you to endure awkward smiles and nervous conversations whenever the two of you have to work together; you can act like mature adults, acknowledging that what happened was just a one-time thing and trying to be civil about it; or, you can keep doing it.However, once I was settled at my table (and checking my watch – where was she? She swayed her way through the tables, and sat down across from me with an impish smile. "You have to promise not to tell anyone." I agreed. It's a safe bet that no one aspires to become one of these office clichés, the star-crossed co-workers who wind up as the subject of gossip around the water cooler.

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Romance in the Workplace Over the summer I met up with one of my fellow students for what I thought would be a normal catch-up lunch – complaining about customers, groaning about our respective bosses, and griping about how we hated being broke as a result of our unpaid internships. Her dress was wrinkled, her hair was slhtly mussed, and her b blue eyes were twinkling. " Linda (not her real name), who had been spending the summer interning at a prominent local record label, leaned across the table, beckoning me closer. Spotting used-to-be workplace couples is easy, too, as they're typiy the ones glaring at each other across a boardroom, or avoiding each other in the kitchen.

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