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I was okay with it because I couldn’t be hypocritical for moving on.

I Hook Up With My Roommate And Am In Love With Her, But She's.

I felt that I had to be encouraging because we were friends, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me.

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For a long time I never thought about them together again. Sneaking Around is NOT Acceptable One time I came home from my friend’s house after a nht out and my other roommate distracted me till 8 a.m. Orinally, I thought she was trying to cheer me up and take me out to eat so that we could catch up. It got a bit messy when he got back together with his ex-girlfriend a month or two down the line and we had to kind of try and fure out how to be friends and not fuck about anymore.

Why You Should Never Hookup With Your Roommate University.

We ended up sleeping together again and actually ended up dating for the remainder of the year, much to our other flatmates’ disgust. Long story short, I had season five of Game of Thrones on my hard drive and he hadn’t seen it.

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