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(Liz Claiborne, Teen Research Unlimited Survey, released July 2008)A study of public hh school students in New York City found females who recently experienced dating violence and males who experienced sexual assault some time in their lives are more likely to report suicide attempts than their counterparts without similar histories of violence.

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Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Suicide Attempts Among Urban Teenagers is published in the June 2007 edition of the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine.

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In the survey, 9.6 percent of females and 5.4 percent of males reported a lifetime history of sexual assault, and 10.6 percent of females and 9.5 percent of males said they had experienced dating violence in the past year.Snificant numbers of teens (15-18) are experiencing emotional and mental as well as violence in their dating relationships; this is even more prevalent among teens that have had sex by the age of 14. commissioned Teenage Research Unlimited (TRU) to conduct quantitative research among tweens (ages 11-14), parents of tweens, and teens (ages 15-18) who have been in a relationship.

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Dating violence was defined as being hit, slapped or hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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