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Dilbert: I got 9,752 responses on this dating site and I haven't even completed my profile. Dogbert continues, "Without cars, dating would be impossible. Soon the species would be extinct." Dogbert: I got a job as a news manufacturer for an online media company.

Aziz Ansari on 'Conan' Online Dating and Bullying Video.

All I said is that I'm six feet tall, I have hair and a job. I quote people out of context, add misleading headlines and tie it all up with a snarky bow.

Aziz Ansari on 'Conan' <b>Online</b> <b>Dating</b> and Bullying Video.

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" Dogbert continues, "Suppose your eyes were on your ankles; you wouldn't be able to drive a car." Dilbert leaves. Dilbert: I've got two good prospects on this dating site. Dilbert says, "I can remember when these were only fifteen cents." Dilbert continues, "But I'm really dating myself now . ." Dogbert says, "Well, it's not as if anybody else would date you." Dilbert sits in his chair and Dogbert sits on Dilbert's legs.

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One is addicted to and the other is addicted to prescription pain meds. Dilbert: But only one of them is likely to make eye contact. Dogbert asks, "Did you ever think how lucky people are that their eyes are located on their heads?

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