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Dilbert: I've got two good prospects on this dating site. Dilbert says, "I can remember when these were only fifteen cents." Dilbert continues, "But I'm really dating myself now . ." Dogbert says, "Well, it's not as if anybody else would date you." Dilbert sits in his chair and Dogbert sits on Dilbert's legs.

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Lawyer: Okay, I think we have you covered, but the stapling phase will sting a little.

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I'm working on that." "I combined an online dating service with an online job site and an online auction site." "You tell the system everything about yourself and see if anyone wants any of it." ""I wouldn't date you or hire you, but I'll bid a dollar for your refrerator."" Woman: Have you been dating a lot? I go on dates and then compare the analytics to see who I click with most. Company policy requires you to register your lustful feelings with our legal department.When it was suggested to him by the host that he mht try his luck finding a life partner on the internet, Ansari took some exception.

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That way I can filter out the losers." Dilbert says, "Too crazy too fast." Woman says, "I know. Catbert: Rumor has it that you are dating a co-worker named Loud Howard.

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