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The method worked so well that I decided to write a post about it. Which sandbox environment is recommended to complete performance and load testing. Just a thought :) Reply Hi all, I am planning to do my Sales Cloud Consultant exam next. so i want to learn more concepts & i want to start my career in salesforce. The problem is it has new pattern now (60 questions). I did not have the Dev 401 hence I took the full exam.

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What about the Advanced Developer and cal Architect certifications? Each of those certifications are snificantly more difficult to pass than the five I listed. I am currently going through the flashcard set posted above, but was wondering does anyone have any other notes/ materials that will be of any help? Salesforce expects you to know each and every use case of the functionalities & processes they have mentioned in the study guide. just knowing the capabilities of Schema Builder wont do, you must know each and every use case and customization of it.

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They deserve their own post(s) that I’ll be writing up later! I am not saying its difficult but it was ‘difficult for me’ as I dont work and havent worked on every single feature within salesforce. Frequently Asked Questions Do you recommend taking the official classes for the certifications? Admin 401=Platform App Builder.(but App builder certification is only on Administration and doesn’t involve Development part) Then what are Platform Developer 1 and Platform Developer 2 Please help !!

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For now, five certifications is more than enough to make your resume jump to the top of the pile! Some topics to pay extra attention on; App Builder Process Builder Visual Workflow Salesforce1 Order of execution Also, do not ‘just’ refer any past questions/dumps of Dev 401 and expect to clear the exam.

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