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(unless the member themselves paid or otherwise, has their settings to their personal preferences that may not allow contact because of distance etc)To all the naysayers: I've used many different sites paying and non paid memberships and POF, in my experience, is the best 100% FREE to send/receive email to anyone, and to actually meet quality people face to face/in person...period!

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And the email exchanged or your profile isn't censored as strictly (as a matter of fact little to none except for nudity etc) as a very well know site that requires a paid membership to contact in any way, shape or form.

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Also even the sites people have to pay for a membership on to contact, have extra features that are optional but require even more money!You went out and bought features for your free car. The site is free, but if you want extra features, that's what will cost you. It's obviously extracted directly from the site, 2 days into it now, and I have no Messages now.. They aren't necessary to contact/ meet that special someone, by any means.

Women falsely posting skinny online dating pics is totally wrong but I.

Having met the love of my life on the site- i don't know the etiquette these days No, you're wrong, because the way this works is like if you are given a car for free, but it doesn't have a CD player, therefore you go out and buy one, as well as seat covers and an air freshner... I just sned up, my profile wasn't even completed, my pics were not up and I received 12 messages? Find out the date and time someone viewed your profile. (instead of 8 for non paying members) B whoopee on ALL of the above "features"!

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