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It’s interesting — a lot of the people that I’m working with now are relationships that were spawned by work I did in the ‘70s.

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I’m writing a musical with Guillermo del Toro and Gustavo Santaolalla based on “Pan’s Labyrinth” that totally came to me through Guillermo’s love for “Phantom” — Daft Punk, same deal.

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Priscilla Presley + Elvis meets Priscilla Beaulieu and the Birth of Lisa.

With Edgar, it was more “Bugsy Malone,” he actually acted in a school production of it when he was a kid — it’s a b thing in English schools.I’ve gotta give credit to Edgar Wrht for his casting — the first time I met you I thought, “That guy must be an arms dealer.”[] I’m on screen less than two minutes in “Baby Driver,” I think, and Edgar’s got me talking almost every second.

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Caught up with him in New York, where he was performing at the Café Carlyle on a stop during a short national tour.

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