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There were all the pretty people, with yoga mats slung over their shoulders, doing pre-yoga rituals that I didn’t understand. When she went in, she was as tall as instructor and that helped.

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I felt like I was back at Easter Mass, or that show GRIMM where you look at people and their faces morph into beasts. Sara and I had sned up for a Restorative yoga with candlelht with Robin. I was still nervous, but no hexenbiests would get me with Robin and Sara around. Her ADD requires her to be in front, so there I had it.

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I felt like that would happen at any second before they were upon me, devouring me to the ground. She showed me where to stow my gear, before taking me into the main room. Robin and Sara have known each other for years, and once we entered the main room she took me to meet the instructor. Sara grabbed me a mat, bolsters, blocks, and a blanket. I swallowed the lump in my throat and took to my mat. I stretched in ways I didn’t know the body would stretch, and afterward Sara said she was impressed I could do certain poses as well as I did. I thought pretty people did yoga, fit people did yoga. I went off to keep myself busy (you may not know this, but I can keep myself busy anywhere anytime. Done rht, I believe now, as I write this, that it can benefit us both. I talked to my girlfriend, a firm believer in yoga herself, and expressed my anxiety about the situation. She has her own yoga instructor in Tempe, so Wednesday evening we headed off to yoga.


For the sake of relationships in my personal life and public life. I thought yoga cost a lot of money, and I thought people farted during yoga. You’re in a room with lots of pretty people and suddenly you just do it. She told me to wear loose fitting shorts and shirt, to bring water, and that the first time would more than likely be free.

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