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Of course, the bar could hardly be lower than it already is.

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Already this year we have been subjected to ITV2’s Love Island, in which one couple copulated in broad daylht while other contestants commented on their love-making que. From every angle, but especially the one that allows participants to assess the sexual organs of their six would-be dates, Naked Attraction is utterly ghastly, and depressingly degrading.

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From Naked Attraction to Love Island a global survey of reality TV.

The contestants then reject the dates one by one for purely physical reasons mainly attached to their genitalia.What kind of nation have we become when our principal summer sport, Test cricket, cannot be seen live on so-ed public-service TV (Channel 4 is publicly owned but commercially funded), yet a shameless, semi-jokey examination of genitalia is a mainstream alternative to the News At Ten?

Dating programmes uk - Talegate Theatre

I use the word ‘attached’ advisedly; there is an awful lot of body-piercing on show.

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