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Later, MARs will find out that there's more to the Aurora Rising than what meets the eye, and that mastering it is not anyone's cup of tea.

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It is also revealed that Rizumu's mother is Sonata Kanzaki, a legendary idol who performed the Aurora Rising but disappeared soon after, where she now has a strained relationship with her daughter.

For Love or Money / 2014 / Çin / Online Film İzle - <strong>Yeppudaa</strong>.

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Dear My Future takes place three years after the events of "Aurora Dream", where all the members of MARs have become Prism Queens.Forming her own , "Prizmmy☆", alongside her friends Reina Miyama, Karin Shijimi and Ayami Ooruri, she works hard fervently to reach her goal and fulfill her dream.

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The series follows a new idol, Mia Ageha, who aspires to become a greater idol than Aira.

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