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In June 1976, production started on guitars and in August basses followed.

StingRay Guitar Guitars Ernie Ball Music Man

The 1976 catalogue shows the first offerings; A two pickup guitar ed the "Sting Ray 1" and the Sting Ray Bass.

StingRay Guitar Guitars Ernie Ball Music Man

Bongo 5 Basses Ernie Ball Music Man

Both instruments featured bolt on neck desns; the basses featured a distinctive 3 1 tuner arrangement that should help eliminate "dead spots" while the guitars came with a traditional, Fender-style 6-on-a-side tuner array.There were a few models with a tube phase splitter in them, but for the most part Music Man amplifiers used the faster responding common Grid, Cathode Coupled drive from a solid state front end that players characterized as "loud as hell". 15 of the 28 pages from 1976 catalogue were dedicated to amplification.

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The preamps used the then burgeoning solid state "op-amp" integrated circuits embodying traditional Fender preamp time constants and architecture, while the power amps typiy featured a Cathode Driven Tube power amp stage, much as were used in the radio broadcast industry in AM Transmitters.

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