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Men - Would you date a woman with a special needs child? If your choice not to was based on the fact that you knew nothing of the type of disability the child had, but learned about it, would this change your decision?

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I don't need to be flamed for posting this thread, but I'm searching for something long term AND I have a beautiful daughter with Down syndrome so I would like to get a feel for what you all think about this. Sass I wouldn't date a woman, but that's just me; we're too hh maintainance..

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As for a man with a special needs child, absolutely I would.But what he didn't mention was that it shouldn't matter if the child has special needs...

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I love children, and am not at all put off by special challenges. But a person really has to consider what they are getting involved with when they date someone with a child, let alone a special needs child.

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