Dating divas treasure hunt

Sexy Treasure Hunts Relationships iDiva

To add some fun to the game, you mht want to shed a piece of clothing each time he finds something you’ve hidden.

Scavenger Hunt For You! -

But let him know he can’t get his real prize until he has found the very last one.

Sexy <b>Treasure</b> <b>Hunts</b> Relationships iDiva


As for what that prize is, we’ll leave that to your imagination.This treasure hunt turns bedroom treats into a delicious game of hide-and-seek. Undress and pour drops of different lickable treats on various parts of your body.

Exercise Treasure Hunt - The Dating Divas

It could even be a nostalgic place, like the park where you first met. Blindfolded Bliss So what if you have already experimented with edible kinks.

Dating divas treasure hunt:

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