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It all comes down to the way we think about what we shove in our gobs and, unlike us peasants in the UK, food is a way of life in Italian society. The focus isn't on low cal or weht loss, it is about eating proper, wholesome and fresh ingredients prepared in the most masterful ways.

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As a result, Italians generally live longer than us. This caffeine-crazed crowd is the largest consumer of coffee in the world.

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*Secretly chucks frozen Lean Cuisine meals in the garbage.* You can also rest easy knowing there will never, ever be a shortage of olive oil, bread, Nutella (apparently they like the stuff? Take, for example, these cheesy items I found in my boyfriend's fridge on an in-between shopping day. The drink is taken so seriously that most baristas are aged over 45 resulting in a tiny cup of perfectly strained deliciousness every time. The snobbish stares of my fellow tube passengers somehow seemed preferable to...

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Italy, in my humble opinion, is one of the most glorious countries in the world. The winding streets and hidden underground wonders of Naples. The iconic rolling hills and olive groves of Tuscany. well, the endless echo of I norantly exclaimed to the world (or at least whispered to myself).

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