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Mr Chaiwala, who lives in Leicester, said: "This is my wedding, I do not need to have a piece of paper."Is it illegal to have a mistress?

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"My Leicester wife does have concerns, but there is not a woman on earth who would be totally comfortable with it."Even the Prophet Muhammad's wives showed sns of jealousy.

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I'm quite picky."In the UK, bamy is illegal and carries a maximum prison sentence of seven years.As humans we need each other."The Second site's homepage features a verse from the Quran: "Then marry women of your choice, two or three, or four, but if you fear that you will not be able to deal justly, then only one."is more tailored to a people of other faiths, proclaiming: “Let's stop wasting each others time.

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But Mr Chaiwala said Islam allows a man to have up to four wives as long as they are in agreement with the arrangement.

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