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Though her family was initially nervous and “thought I was crazy…out of my mind for even considering it,” they eventually agreed it was a great career move and “an honorable way to use my ss.” Amina, after taking the oath to become an officer in the US Army, contributed by Amina Moghul As a full-time student in her second year at medical school, rht now—not really.

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She describes herself as “pretty much a civilian rht now.” That involves waking up later than she would in the Army, going to class, working out, studying - sounds familiar, rht?

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How to Date a Military Woman Dating Tips -

But a few years from now, her life will change in a b way. In that role, she will serve as a physician on active duty.When you think “military woman”, what comes to mind?

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In 2012, she will graduate and be promoted to Captain in the U. She hasn’t decided if she’ll stay on past her mandatory service (her residency, plus 4 to 6 years of service to pay back the residency).

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