Dating a black frenchman

The Dating Truth for Black Women – Go to Europe and Don't Look.

The last time I was here an older man suggested we go someplace to "make love until we cry."I thanked him and said no.

The Secret To Dating Like A French

The second time I briefly bonded with a Frenchman over NYC and after a mere 30 minutes into our conversation, he asked if I wanted to go some place to "f**k." My answer, in that case, was obvious. If American men could take a lesson (or two or five) from French men, and quit beating around the bush, they'd be better off.

The <b>Dating</b> Truth for <b>Black</b> Women – Go to Europe and Don't Look.

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In other words, lay all your cards on the table, gentlemen.First of all, because I'm traveling alone and have, what I imagine, quite an obvious American accent, men do not hesitate to engage me in conversation.

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Granted you won't be lucky every time, but every once and awhile someone will surprise you with their answer.

Dating a black frenchman:

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