Can we still be friends after dating

Why Does He Want to be Friends if He

It is especially painful for couples who have been married for a long time.

How can one still be friends with a girl for whom he had feelings.

Of course depending on the reason for the split, it does not mean however, that you can’t be friends with your former spouse.

<i>After</i> a Break Up, Do Guys Ever Really

Can You Still Be Friends After Divorce?

You may have lost a spouse, but maybe you can gain a friend.Here are some tips that can help: Always put your kids’ interests first. Be mature and do the rht thing even if it’s hard. Stay polite, especially when the divorce has just happened. Plus, do not let those things that annoy your during the marriage get in the way of being civil or friendly. Use them in friendship terms: promise to always treat one another with compassion, to tolerate feelings, and always respect each other’s wishes while having their best interests in mind.

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People who become friends after a divorce make a conscious effort to try to be friends with their former spouse.

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