Cables to hook up ssd

SanDisk® Solid State Drive

Usually these are easy to spot just by looking for the brht red SATA cables that are plugged into them.

HDD / SSD SATA Cable Connector with Screws, HP.

On the computer I’m working on in the pictures, the motherboard specs sheet on this computer told me it had 6 ports.

No USB to Sata cable with new <i>SSD</i> purchase, other ways to install.

How to physiy install, set jumper settings, and set up a Serial ATA

The first two were easy to find, but only after moving and removing a few cords was I able to see the remaining 4 ports which orientated in an interesting sideways layout.The reason for noting the location of these SATA ports is that you need to make sure the cable you’re going to plug into the new disk drive will have a nice clean path.

How to Install a New Disk Drive on your Desktop Computer

Also, if you unplug anything while doing this be sure to remember where it goes!

Cables to hook up ssd:

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