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During a fan Q&A for Most Requested Live with Romeo a few weeks ago, Britney, 34, was asked to reveal her dream collaborators, to which the star replied: “Aerosmith seems really good and brht. News asked Justin, 35, if he’d ever consider working with Britney on a song this week, we just couldn’t take it any more.

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Despite missing Britney’s Q&A session, the Cry Me A River singer eagerly replied: “She did?

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13 Versions “Rocker Femme Fantasy” Commercial 2014 Do You Wanna Come Over (Instrumental Acapella) Britney Spears – Glory (Japan Tour Edition) 2017 FLAC Britney Spears – Circus (Deluxe Edition) 2008 Lossless Britney Spears – (Maxim Andreev Mix) Fan Made I welcome you to a large collection website for media files Britney Spears. Our website is developing all the time and stay with us. [Intro] He was looking, said he wanna hook up But she don't wanna hook up, told him: "Just go" And then she looked and said she wanna hook up I really wanna hook up, told him: "Let's go" [Verse 1] Baby, I can't believe everything Your body makes me wanna do And the way that you move on the floor Now I think I'm in love with you (in love with you) Grab my waist Want to get with the rhythm and that move you do Switch my hips on the floor Baby, slow to keep up with you [Chorus] Back it up, now Bump you rump, now Grab my waist, now Work it out, now Grab my shoulder Pick it up, now Take it lower To the floor, now [Hook] Hook up, baby, we can drop a little something Ride it, baby, we can do a little something Take out, baby, wanna get a little something You know, baby, let's hook up a little something [Verse 2] Baby, I can't believe everything That I feel when I dance with you From the small of my back to the breath on my neck To the move you do Put your body, gotta get my body up rht next to you Move the party, gotta rock the party until they're over you [Chorus] Back it up, now Bump you rump, now Grab my waist, now Work it out, now Grab my shoulder Pick it up, now Take it lower To the floor, now [Bridge] Boy, I can't explain what you do to me My whole world has changed, I live in a fantasy Tonht, I'm in the mood Please take me by your hand I want to get in your groove So, baby, take me there The bodies keep shaking My body keeps shaking Better get your butt out here, baby Come on, let's go So do how you do it Bend over get to it Back down to the ground Pick it up, let's go Pick it up, let's go [Break] Don't stop, just get, get on the floor Butt drops, hips pop, popping for sure Who's got, got it?

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Here you can find all videos, concerts and interviews for download. -- With B Love Ruslan 01 Work Bitch.mp3 02 Womanizer.mp3 03 Break The Ice.mp3 04 …Baby One More time.mp3 05 Me Against The Music.mp3 06 Gimme More.mp3 07 Boys.mp3 08 Do You Wanna Come Over.mp3 09 Missy Elliot Break.mp3 10 I’m A Slave 4 U.mp3 11 Make Me….mp3 12 Freakshow.mp3 13 Do Somethin’.mp3 14 Circus.mp3 15 If U Seek Amy.mp3 16 Breathe On Me.mp3 17 Slumber Party.mp3 18 Touch Of My Hand.mp3 19 Toxic.mp3 20 Stronger – (You Drive Me)Crazy.mp3 21 Till The World Ends.mp3The Femme Fatale Tour @ Toronto Source: DVD Audio Size: 264 MB Format: MP3 01.

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