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I Had a Nice Time And Other Lies. How to find love sh*t like that by.

Thankfully the Betches have funny by the bucketload.

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Are you less than perfectly groomed, a doormat, and forever consned to the loser's table? but then it becomes staggeringly obvious that the Betches know that there but for the grace of Diet Coke and a er blowout go they.

I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies. How to Find <em>Love</em> and Sh*t.

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While the site and tweets are sure to divide opinion, it's satire, that much is clear.In the age of Tinder, Hinge, or any other dating app that matches you with randos, the dating game has grown complex and confusing.

Companies warring over who gets to use 'betch' New York Post

New York Times bestselling authors of Nice Is Just a Place in France and creators of the online humor and advice phenomenon and Instagram account @Betches explain the brutal truths of how to date like a true betch, with inshts from the Head Pro.

Betches love this dating app:

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