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Whilst that definitely wasn’t the case in my childhood, I have the struggle of being a middle child to contend with which I do believe has made me more independent. The trouble is, how do you know what type someone is before you give them a try? At 24, I feel no real social pressure to have a boyfriend, but give me five years or so and I know the stma attached to being single will have grown immensely.

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(So parents, next time you ask me when I’m going to get a boyfriend, remember it’s your fault.) “Avoidants are tricky to date,” Madeleine tells me. Whilst two avoidants rarely get together, an avoidant and an anxious is an even worse combination, as the latter becomes needy when the former doesn’t give them enough attention and time. And when men get needy it just makes me push them further away, which makes them become even more anxious and needy. Whilst not in the slhtest bit desperate for a boyfriend (because hey, single life is fab), I I’m after.

Secure <b>Attachment</b> and Other

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According to Madeleine, all humans - except psychopaths - have a need for affiliation, but some need it more than others.When it comes to relationships, a lot of us want different things - some people happily admit they’re needy and want constant attention, whereas others feel claustrophobic if they’re not given space to breathe.

Anxious-Avoidant Duos Walking on Thin

In fact, we need three things (discovered by David Mc Lelland in his Needs Theory): power, achievement and affiliation, but not everybody needs all three to the same degree.

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