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That's how our crazy, messed up relationship works.

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Until then, we can enjoy easy access to Europe (I'm talking long weekends in Paris — you know, the stuff of dreams).

<b>British</b> <b>Men</b> vs. <b>American</b> <b>Men</b> What's The Difference? - Always Alexie

Surprising Things British Guys Think About American Women.

And after we're cut off from our nehbors, just think of the UK as a romantic little island where we can live out our final days sipping tea and taking the kids on countryside picnics.It has been said that all men are the same, but the differences between American men and British men has become quite apparent now that I’ve seen both sides of the fence.

Five Things American Women Should Know About British Men.

I'm not asking for much from an American woman: intellence, model good looks, a holiday home in the Hamptons and a ski chalet in Aspen and — most importantly — an appreciation of a dry English sense of humor. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

American women dating british men:

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